Reissi Mall is the ultimate online destination for authentic, high quality Italian home and lifestyle products at ultra-affordable prices. We have launched in Australia, but our mission is to expand our operations to the USA, western Europe and Asia. Reissi mall aims to reach a global market of one billion potential customers!

We offer over 10,000 of the finest Italian designed and made home and lifestyle products in a range of design and style options and a full customisation service, catering to all tastes and spaces.

With offices in Sydney and Italy, we have built an extensive network of designers and manufacturers over six years, giving our customers exclusive access to a huge range of European-designed products.

Powered by our highly sophisticated logistics and quality control system, all orders are conveniently delivered to your doorstep for you to start enjoying the Reissi Mall experience immediately, with two-year warranty and 14-day returns policy.

Our world class Customer Care Team can be contacted via email at

For press or business enquiries, please contact or (02) 9598 8100.